Huega's Blog

Welcome to Huega's new and NOT so frequently used Blog

As few of you noticed already my career as a blogger is not running that good *G*.
So I decided to change the style and appearance of the webpage a bit. I think I will put more code in the download area or here.
Hope you enjoy the new style!
greetings hUeGA

Towel Day (25.05.2012)

Today is the towel day. So keep calm, take a beer, make sure your towel is with you
AND of course DON'T PANIC!

Poem On My Disc (08.05.2012)

Long time ago I wrote this poem, I guess it must be around 15 years.
Found it by accident enjoy and have phun!

CCCC2011 (30.12.2011)

Unfortunately congress is almost over.
Again as every year I liked it very much :)
This year a lot of people were missing.
Four hours left till the flight is bringing me home.
so happy hacking for all of you!

CCCC2011 (27.12.2011)

First day... Resumee: I liked the talk about Packt in Packet.
Think I will try this, especially with ZigBEE nodes.
The talk about the "Bundestrojaner" was nice and funny, also liked this one very much
See ya l8ter...

Merry X-Mas && CCCC2011 (26.12.2011)

Ok first of all. Wish you some nixe days...
It is THE time of the year again! Congress I am coming
This years motto is "Behind Enemy Lines"
I am really looking forward to the talk about the bundes trojaner :)
So hopefully we meet there and happy h4x0ring!

SaWeG - Rewritten In Go (18.12.2011)

Some days ago I decided to learn the programming language GO from google
I think it is a replacement for c/c++ and due to its very fast compilation
it is almost as using an interpreter language. (search for the gorun tool)
The software which generates all the HTML pages I use is written Perl.
Quickly hacked this version in GO. Code is not very nice, will fix this over time
However the eclipse project can be found in the donwload section gosaweg.tar.gz
This post was the first one submitted via the GO rewritten code
h4ck th3 pl4n3t!

Blog - Back to XHTML STRICT (13.12.2011)

Checked the webpages and __ups__ some parts were broken
Repaired the problems and TADDAAA it is back to xhtml strict
h4ppy h4x0ring!

Electribe Music (04.12.2011)

Finally I found some time, to play around with my KORG Electribe
This time I user my Tascam US-122L to sample a bagpipe, which I
used several times in the track applyied with different filters.
Download the ogg in the DOWNLOAD section Tanker.ogg
or go to youtube Tanker

Talk - EuroMOLD - Download (02.12.2011)

Finished the talk and uploaded it to the Downloads section.
Enjoy the pictures of the burning car...

Talk - EuroMOLD (01.12.2011)

Right now I am sitting in the train, travelling to Frankfurt
There is an exhibition called EuroMOLD.
I will give a talk there about safety of eletrical powered vehicles.
Hopefully it will not be that boring, because the topic is not that hot.

GoLang (24.11.2011)

The Google Coding Language....
I must confess I was curious about it, and so I decided to take some time
and played around :)
The GoRoutines are a really nice way to automagically use threads.
Via the environment variable GOMAXPROCS you can set up, how many processors
you go tool is allowed to use. Starting with slightly modifications to the
prime sieve I was experimenting a bit.

A linear INCREASE??!?! Ok nothing strange here. In fact the algorithm is
not good for multi threaded calculation, so each thread option increases the wasted time, as we can see.
However I was impressed how easy it was, to implement multithread or should I say
goroutineering. Compiling was also very fast, the potential for a replacement
of my "standard" language python. h4ppy h4x0r1ng!!

Self Modifying Code (15.11.2011)

Ok it was time to take a look into this self modifying code stuff.
My inspiration came from the discussion of the __Bundes-Trojaner__ the malware from our government.
I decided to keep the level for the example low, so it is a kind of "Hello World".
LISP is know for self modifying code, so it was my natural choice to take a "modern" LISP which is python.
Using interpreter languages it is much easier tomodify the own codebase.

The code itself takes a string which was encrypted via one time pad encryption and the matching key..
Decryption leads to a string which can be executed via the "exec" command, afterwards a new key is generated and used to encrypt the string.
Both is saved within the sourcecode.

I should mention that this is a typical technique to harden your software against reverse engineering.
Ahh and no comments about the use of one time pad encryption, of course the key should not be available,
but this is only educational purpose.

Guys I am not responsible for damage you can provide with this code!
You can find it in the download area

Tripping - Cleaned (15.11.2011)

Finally I found some time to __reorganize__ the webpage a bit
The pictures from the USA trip are back (Trip-2010) and the pictures from Istanbul survived in Trip-2011..

Tripping - Istanbul (19.09.2011)

Changed the tripping section for the istanbul pictures. The pictures
from the USA Trip will return at some point after the istanbul trip

Vacations - Istanbul (18.09.2011)

Arrived in Istanbul! Already had some turkish "doener"
and some pasta they call manti.
Next step making plans for tomorrow!

Vacations - Istanbul (18.09.2011)

Ok __FINALLY__ I do have vacations.
Travelling to Istanbul and visiting a friend (bullet)
If there is time I will update the travelling section and put some pictures
Right now I have coffee with my travelmate (guggi) and his girlfriend.
Another 20mins to boarding, so next messages from turkey!

Korg Electribe SX (15.09.2011)

I was curious about this piece of hardware. Juggled around and tada!
In the end there was something like a electro dance trip hop sound
The song is called "Thunder" and you can find it on youtube (MrHuega + Thunder)
or here in the download section.

BASH Russian Roulette (06.09.2011)

h4PPy h4xoR1N'

C++ Fun (25.08.2011)

Ok today, I had to do some cross platform coding. In short, there is a file
transfered between linux and windows via FTP, no problem I used "binary mode".
The file transfered over was exactly the same, checked it via MD5 using an external tool ala "md5sum"
However the tool using windows was calculating an MD5 sum anyway, but the MD5 was __NEVER__ the same as under linux!
Ok here is the resolution:
anyway.... h4PPy h4xoR1N'

CCCC again (13.08.2011)

So finally good news. Weather is good, sunshine and a bit of a fresh breeze.
People are quite relaxed and I hab some nice chats with friends I only knew from tha v01d ch4nn3l.
One is living in south africa and the other one is living in Hong Kong
So I guess my next holiday trip will include one of theses parts of the world
SirVer and me will visit the "Hacker Jeopardy" tonight and right afterwards
we will leave. Again really cool atmosphere!!! Thanks to the organization!
Keep on hacking!

Hanging around at CCCC (12.08.2011)

Hanging around. Tonight there was quite a lot of action close to my tent
So I got not too much sleep. However I was working on the BlueVibe project for a few ours.
Now it started raining again. Hopefully everything is waterproof...
This time camp is really cool, all of my friends are here, only bullet is missing!
Hack the planet!

Arrived at the Hackerspace (11.08.2011)

Finally we arrived this night at the hackerspace in Berlin
The weather is a bitch, there was rain when we arrived and there was still rain, when I woke up
At least I got a really good coffee...
So lets see, what the next days will bring... Right now I guess it will bring a hotel :)
Happy h4ck1ng!

Last Weekend vs. Next Weekend (09.08.2011)

Ok survived the racing weekend in Hockenheim.
It was very impressive and the car quality was much better than last year.
People were satified with my scrutineering so we will meet NEXT YEAR!

Next weekend - Chaos Communication Camp!
Let's go hacking!

Formula Student Germany (01.08.2011)

Tomorrow I will start again, to the Hockenheimring
again checking the cars if they fullfil the reglement.
I am really looking forward to this....
cya there!

Formula Student Austria (26.07.2011)

Ok it is time for racing!
Tomorrow I will travel to Spielberg - Red Bull Racetrack - the official
Formula Student Race will be there, and I will check the cars of the
competitors if everything is according to the rules.
Let's race!

Solitude - Revival (24.07.2011)

Visited Solitude Revival. Nice event, but organsation was a bit "chaotic"
Found a new car. guess you should take a look at the brutus video in the
Downloads->fun section.

RSS Feed (15.06.2011)

Finally I found some time to update the RSS feed.
Introduced anchors within the webpage, so RSS is easier to use.

Flattr (09.06.2011)

Social Micro Payment Service (, ok sounds strange.
However I recognized that more and more people use this for their projects.
So I decided to put an additional button there.
Right now I am thinking of a special part on the blog for unix commands.
We will see, right now I am working on the Blue project with two friends.
maybe this will consume more time the next months...

1337 (08.06.2011)

ok time again for some funny commands...
The last weeks we changed the hardware of the server, so bullet and me
had to survice quite some chaotic days :)
*Thumbs up* everything is running again...

Foto Shooting (17.04.2011)

A fried saw the pictures from the US trip and he liked them, so he
asked me to take some pictures during a life saver lessons for the
DLRG. I added a selection to the Pictures area. Enjoy!

Typical commandos (04.02.2011)

Here some typical commandos I used the last days
I love virtualization....

Happy New Year (31.12.2010)

Hey folks! Wish you a happy new year.
By the way the "Tripping" section generated more hits than the whole year together.
Seems I had a lot of regular readers! Nice! Liked that!

Day 4 (30.12.2010)

Unfortunately the last day has started. At least all flights seem to work normally...
Got not too much sleep tonight, so I am bit messed up.
There are not too much talks I can attend, since I have to leave to the airport quite early.
Again congress was nice and I enjoyed it very much. It feels like some mind refreshing progress happening to me :)
However I am looking forward for beeing at home a while, was traveling quite a lot the last month :)
In that sense HACK THE PLANET!!!!

Ok __AGAIN__ I was THE suspect person, got an extra screening on my cam and electronic equipment...
Right now I am feeling like a terrorist...

Day 3 (29.12.2010)

The day started quite late today. After a breakfast in bed and watching the stream for the "Jahresrueckblick" I went to the BCC.
My timing was quite perfect, got a chair in room 1 where there is the hopefully intresting talk about console hacking,
the iceland modern media initiative, hacker jeopardy, fnord jahresrueckblick...
GSM seems to be THE hot topic this year again. So looking forward for the console hacking talk...

Day 2 (28.12.2010)

Second day at the congress. The rooms are still crowded... Surprisingly I met a guy from the Formula Student Racing Scene,
did not expect to meet these kind of people here. However we had a nice chat and
both recognized, that without FS one has plenty of time *G*
The talk about GSM sniffing was really impressive, and also the fact, that location tracking is quite simple.
Guess I have to try this myself at some point

Day 1 (27.12.2010)

First day at the congress. Somehow I think there are more people than last year...
The presale system had the advantage, that there was no horrible queue at the entrance.
Congress feels like always! This year I bought a DVB-T Stick to be able to watch some talks on the laptop.

Chaos Computer Club Congress - On My Way (26.12.2010)

Hey ho lets go! I am looking forward to meet people and the experience the congress atmosphere again :)
I am a bit early at the airport, but I already checked in and the Lady told me that my connection to Berlin is working...
Greetings fly to SirVer who will not be at the congress this year.... guess he is getting old :)
Next news from Berlin ... !

Happy Holidays or old fashioned X-Mas (24.12.2010)

Meery X-Mas to everyone! Take your time and slow down these days!
I am already looking forward to the congress :)

Good News - WIKILEAKS (10.12.2010)

Traditionally I do not post news I saw on a different blog, but today I have to repeat this message

There are 1697 mirror sites for the wikileaks server!

I am still in the U.S. and it is noticeable, that in the news there is not
too much discussion or almost no discussion about the wikileaks cable gates.

Finally I started my trip to San Francisco (27.11.2010)

I think I will make a lot of pictures and try to blog on a daily basis
showing pictures of the countryside. For this reason I decided to put a new primary link on the sidebar called "Tripping"
Hope you enjoy it ... I will *G*

Italy Race is Over (13.10.2010)

Finally the last race of the electric race car is over, and again
we won the competition with around 100 points in advance.
The new world record for eletric teams is at 932.992 points, in this
seasson we won every event and every part of the event at least one time.
Thus we were extremly successfull :).

I survived this silly seasson !!!! YEAH!!!

Ohhhh NOOOO - LKA Died (24.08.2010)

The LKA a disco club around my place, that was playing alternative etc
decided to change its style, so now only 80 parties etc!
What the hell is going on? It seems to be a sign, that I am getting old!

Uhh An Interview With Me (11.08.2010)

Since the e car was so successful people from the press wanted me to
give a statement, and look there you can find it.
Interview in Stuttgarter Zeitung (local copy)
Thanks to Tillmann who found the link!
Tschaka *G*

Hockenheim Race is over (09.08.2010)

Race is over and, it is unbelievable, we rocked all dynamic events
We are especially proud of the fact, that our electric racing car was faster than every electric and combustion car in the acceleration event.


E-Race-Car is running (24.06.2010)

Finally the E-Race Car was driving by its own. In the download section "fun" you can find a video with the first rollout of the car.
Everything was limited to 30% maximum momentum.


Perfekt Chocolate Cake (21.03.2010)

Today I decided to make a chocolate cake, BUT the constraint was
to keep the inner filled with hot liquid chocolate sauce.
It is called Moelleux-au-chocolat and look PERFECT!

CanSnuf (10.01.2010)

Ok I decided to put a version of my CAN bus sniffer online,
it is extremly simple but comes with a QT GUI.
Check the Download section...

Happy New Year (01.01.2010)

Best wishes and a happy new year for everyone!

Day 4 (30.12.2009)

Ok last day started, however there are no _intresting_ talks for me, so I am hanging around and looking into PyQT programming.
Could be a nice frontend for my CAN-Sniffer I am working on, however I have the feeling I do not understand it very well right now.

Finally we arrived at the airport and __SURPRISE__ the flight delays around 45min!!!

Day 3 (29.12.2009)

Yesterday night, there was the hacker jeopardy and again, it was very funny!
I am developing right now a CAN-Bus Monitoring tool, maybe I can finish some parts here at the congress...
We arrived a few mininutes ago and I am looking forward to some nice talks today,
e.g. the Fnord-Jahresruekblick, Industrial Revolution and Black Ops Of PKI...

No tickets left!!!! (27.12.2009)

It sounds strange but there are no tickets left!
My friends already got there tickets tonight including myself.
However it is nice, since the rooms are not that crowded!

Congress in Berlin - CCC (26.12.2009)

We arrived in Berlin already yesterday. Today we entered the BCCC and __surprise__ the internet is already working!
Everything is still very empty, but more and more people are arriving.

Merry X-Mas (24.12.2009)

to all the people I did not meet or forget over the year and to all my fans! *G*

Another Paper from me (officially released 28.09.2009)

Title: Magnetic properties of the t-J model at low doping
Reference: Physica B 404 (2009) 3075 - 3078
It was more than one year at the publishers...

Pictures Added (09.08.2009)

- Concert from the band "Die Heydays" (21.06.2009)
- Christopher Street Day (01.08.2009)
- Formula Student (08.08.2009)
- Favourites

Today Democracy died in Germany

Now we have censorship in Germany. Somehow I did not expect to be a witness of the end of democracy.
There was a huge petition against it, as far as I know the largest ever,
and still the politicians decided against the wishes of the people.
Right now we are not better than the Iran or china...

Recorded Some Music

I recorded some music preformed by myself with my guitar, which is not under any copyright anymore.
I did this because some friends VERY abroad wanted to listen to it.
See Dowloads and Please NO COMMENT!

Picture Section Added

Finally I found the time to add some pictures.
I do not want to make a huge pics collection here. So there will be only a few I like especially at the moment.

RSS Feed Added

I decided to add an rss feed. In case someone is really following this pseudo blog.
Maybe this helps, that I am updating more regularly.

Xen Cook Book

I am coauthor of the Xen cook book. This is the first book I was contributing to.

You will find further details at the primary author Xen Kochbuch
1. Version Januar 2009
ISBN 978-3-89721-729-4
Pages 488

Right now you can order it at Amazon or your local bookstore!

Promotion of Women ...

... is somehow overestimated. At least in some regions of the world
(See fun @ Downloads)


It was time to play around with Brainfuck :)
During my travel to Bayreuth I had enough time for it (see Downloads)
Ahh btw I was using beef...

Anyone Hacked Google? All Links are marked as Evil! (31.01.2009 - 16:03)

Google seems to be broken or hacked.
My traceback showd me, that the problem occured already at 15:57.
There is already a message at slashdot, right now I would guess it is a script running amok *G*.
In Download you will find some screenshots.

Private Record On My Thinkpad X61 Tablet

Today (08. Feb. 2009) my uptime on my laptop is:
10:28:47 up 126 days, 10:06, 1 user, load average: 0.03, 0.70, 0.22
Unfortunatelly I experimented with the X server and crashed my system. So I am starting with zero uptime again ...

202c - Hacker Paragraph (German Law)

Due to the Hacker Paragraph it is not really clear if it is allowed to put some of the utilities here onto this webpage or not.
If there are problems coming up I will remove things!

My first Paper (Nucl. Phys. B)

My first paper is finally available at least at the preprint server
Massive CP1 theory from a microscopic model for doped antiferromagnets
The official publication is available via Nuclear Physics B Volume 795, Issue 3, 1 June 2008, Pages 519-548

My Favourite Recipes

Right now I am planning to put some of my favourite recipes online.
Mostly asian food I think :) I think I will put them under download in the near future.

Pictures - Missing?!?!

Till now I did not yet decide if I will put pictures again on the webpage. Somehow people liked to see them.
If I put back pictures I will put only the best ones, so to say a best of collection.